Set Her Free- ‘A community of young women empowered, self-sustaining, and free from exploitation.’

Today I write of something that touches my heart.

As a female, I have received my education with no problems.

I didn’t have to exploit myself, work unthinkable jobs or protest for an education.
I feel extremely lucky to have received an education so easily.

However, many females all over the world are still not in education or are having to exploit themselves for education.

This is where Set Her Free becomes today’s topic.

Set Her Free is a non-profit organisation that aims to restore the lives of young girls who were enslaved by the sex trades.

Currently, they run a ‘temporary residence’ in the Kawempe division of Kampala, Uganda where they provide food shelter, education, medical attention, counselling and many other resources to help these young females. As the website quotes they ‘give them the love they have been denied.’.

Robinah Sarah, a Ugandan woman who lives outside the city of Kampala, formed the organisation. She’s spent many years walking the slums and speaking to girls she finds in the brothels. They are offered a chance to be a child again.

As the video says, girls from ten are working in these nightclubs to earn money so they can go to school.

The organisation greatly empowers the girls with the one thing they need- education. With education they can find jobs and raise a family. They can receive the education they deserve.

Everyone deserves an education and this organisation is laying the way for more charities like this.

For more information you can visit ->

Just be thankful you didn’t have to work for your education at just the age of 10.

~Rachel ❤

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