I remember it was October when

you told me you loved me.

You wrapped it in a parcel,


sent your message

via post.

I didn’t mean to

boast, but I loved you


Autumn was your favourite month,

or so you told me,

but I guess it was all


Such a disguise that no one

could rip it off.

It stuck to you like


and I was like something

you couldn’t get off

your shoe.

I just wanted your love.

And I’m sorry I wasn’t

the best,

but I just needed rest

because you exhausted


I tried to hold up

the sky so you could

find your way


I tried to guide

you back to where you


But you longed for

something you could grasp,

something you could hold,

and then mould

into your own.

I didn’t mean to fall

so hard,

but I guess I tripped

down that path.

Autumn used to be my

favourite time of year,

but now I fear

the leaves will turn

into ash,

and everything I love

will disappear.

You said Autumn was time

for change,

and I guess you were


thought I wish you weren’t.


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