You are Not failing (F*ck comparisons).

I took some time to reflect on where I’ve reached in my life and what I’ve achieved so far. I constantly find myself comparing to others what I’ve done. And, if I compare myself, I haven’t done anything as exciting or bold.

Facebook is possibly your worst enemy when you’re stuck in a ditch. So many people seem to be going somewhere, and I’m going nowhere. In my head, if I’m going nowhere, then I’m failing.

If I’m not getting out into the world, then I am failing. If I’m not making people proud or impressed 24/7 then I’m failing. If I’m not getting the highest grade possible, I’m failing. It is a cycle that I find really, quite, difficult to break. It is a constant fear in my head.

However, I’m also taking time to consider that failing is never an option. Just because I’m 2 steps behind my friend, am I failing? And, I wanted to share this with you lovely lot.

Sometimes, we take the slow route… we walk instead of run. Though, we’ll always meet each other at the crossroads. You’ll always find your way and arrive at the same destination as many others.

No matter what you are doing, you are never failing. You’re taking the route that you want to go. We all know that Google maps always takes us the longest route possible… so you’re definitely still doing well, my friend.

It is difficult to ‘fail’ at life… as long as you’re plodding along, you took breaths today and you lived as much as you could… then you’re doing pretty well. We don’t have to compare ourselves constantly.

I’m fairly sick of comparing myself with other people. My head always thinks I’m not as pretty as them, I’m not as liked as them, I’m not as nice as them… well, excuse my French…

Fuck what other people are doing.

Fuck comparing yourself.

Fuck every single comparison, self hate, worthlessness and societal expectation.

Believe me, friend, you’re doing really well right now.

I should know.


Until next time, byeeee friends!

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