Christmas Haul

Just a quick blog post, of some things I received for Christmas! It is only small as I’ve been sooooo busy flying home. Hope everyone had a good Christmas, enjoy :). (To see the captions, just hover over the photos) Relaxing…  Accessories…  Books…  Beauty…   Thanks for looking at a quick ‘lookbook’ of Christmas presents. … More Christmas Haul

Wine & Pipes.

I was just the girl with the golden eyes, but you used to cry when you smoked your pipes and drank your wine. Forgive me for I forgot how this one goes, how this fairytale ends is one I have never known. You called me your princess, dined me real fine, but I knew it … More Wine & Pipes.


They told me that university is full of diversity, but I never believed them. Call me a pessimist, but I wasn’t looking at a business, I was looking at an education. They say uni will be the best experience, but that’s how I describe Keele. I was stumped how to write this, but I wanted … More Diversity.


I remember it was October when you told me you loved me. You wrapped it in a parcel, and sent your message via post. I didn’t mean to boast, but I loved you too. Autumn was your favourite month, or so you told me, but I guess it was all lies. Such a disguise that … More Autumn