I always wondered what it would be, to sit up late, maybe until three and ask you ‘what does love mean?’, but you won’t answer, and although it seems fine… we’ll never be that word. I used to think that love was real, but then I saw you cry that day I told you I … More 3am

If We took 5 minutes to Consider What We Said to Someone… (Spoken Word)

If we took 5 minutes to consider what we said to someone, maybe there would be less broken hearts and paper drops of tears which your ex-girlfriend cried when you told her she was ugly. Maybe the world would be less cold, and you’d learn that you can’t fix someone with staples and glue. I … More If We took 5 minutes to Consider What We Said to Someone… (Spoken Word)


I am Untitled, don’t give me a name because apparently I’m never worth it. I’m the kid at the back of the class who tried to pick grass but ended up with his ass in the mud instead. He hit his head and you all thought it was funny when he came in the next … More Untitled

The Bodies

You said the body held power, but then I watched everyone around me crumble. And the people that once stood like skyscrapers now fell to the floor. They became a blank page, a closed door and nobody could stop them from losing control. I watched you unfold into nothing but dust, and I think that … More The Bodies


He told me I was 1 in a million, but then again that’s what he told everyone. His eyes were so blue, and I think I swam in them once, before I knew him. My friends told me to watch out, count your luck girl because hes a bad one. What did they know? I … More He.