A Post-Grad Breakdown.

I was having a post-grad breakdown. I was having what others had described before me, but I never thought it was an actual thing.

University was Not worth it.

The stress about my future, the content bad cloud over my head... and I saw so many of my friends lose faith in themselves time and time again. I saw so many people fall at the first hurdle and struggle to get up. It was so taxing on everyone trying to claim that all important degree.

21 Goals.

Turning 21, I decided to make 21 Goals from now on! Graduate from Keele University in July 2017. Pass my practical driving test. Start my GDL in September 2017. Write more blog posts. Start a new hobby/craft. Play the piano again. Keep in touch with friends from university. Lose weight and tone up, sharpppppp. Donate … Continue reading 21 Goals.