Do We Ever Truly Forgive?

You don't have to forgive everyone who hurts you, and you don't have to pretend that you have forgiven.


When you sigh at the word ‘Feminist’.

I could be rich for the amount of times I've mentioned I'm a feminist, then people have rolled their eyes and looked at me as if I'm a totally different person. Hold on, I'm not going to take off my bra, say it oppresses me and then burn it. I'm also not going to blame … Continue reading When you sigh at the word ‘Feminist’.


Oh, that dastardly website where absolutely everything is difficult to achieve! There is one thing in particular which gets at me, and it's the ability to report- which is as hard as it is to bite off your own finger (excuse the simile but it worked for me at the time). You cannot report a … Continue reading Tumblr!