Because you have never been right... You left and all I thought, Every single f*cking night, Was how difficult I must have been. How much I must have messed with you, For you to leave so easily. For months, I was bruised and battered, Every single piece of us scattered, As if I had never … Continue reading Left


We can Never Forget what They saw. (Spoken Word)

I don't know how to start this. How do you write something like this? I wish there was a simple way. A way to say, 'I'm sorry for what happened', without sounding as distant as the moon. Maybe it's too soon to talk about this, but then I can't miss this time. I wonder how … Continue reading We can Never Forget what They saw. (Spoken Word)

I can’t live without books! – InternationalLiteracyDay

*Featured Image from  - http://www.unesco.org - I don't own it.* Well, it is that time of year again. International Literacy Day provides such an important message. It states how important reading is and of course, how great books are. The World Literacy Foundation states that: In 1965, UNESCO declared September 8 to be International Literacy Day. … Continue reading I can’t live without books! – InternationalLiteracyDay


There is blood in my mouth as I stand up. I curse the God above me who gave me these feet and get to my knees. I beg him to let me go, I've tried so hard to get here. Doesn't he know what I've done for him? I stretch my hands out and feel … Continue reading Untitled