Because you have never been right... You left and all I thought, Every single f*cking night, Was how difficult I must have been. How much I must have messed with you, For you to leave so easily. For months, I was bruised and battered, Every single piece of us scattered, As if I had never … Continue reading Left


For the One who I would have given the World. (Spoken Word)

I was prepared to be your biggest fan. I had the World in my hand, and I was ready to give it to you. My heart had never felt so full, the world was no longer so dull. My sight in technicolour. I could have been your biggest fan, but it was never enough for … Continue reading For the One who I would have given the World. (Spoken Word)


I always wondered what it would be, to sit up late, maybe until three and ask you 'what does love mean?', but you won't answer, and although it seems fine... we'll never be that word. I used to think that love was real, but then I saw you cry that day I told you I … Continue reading 3am